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Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet
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Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet BB5552 10'2" × 15'7" $20,000

Antique Tabriz rugs are woven only in the northwest of Iran near the Turkish border. Local craftsmen are famed for their great talent and Persian rugs they create are worthy of kings. Antique Tabriz rugs are widely known to be extremely diverse, as they can range from flat to pile weaves. Their patterns can feature not only traditional Persian motifs, but sometimes also fully-fledged reproductions of famous works of art. Each antique Tabriz rug has its own story to tell and waits to be discovered.

This luxurious Tabriz rug was woven in the early 20th century, circa 1910.  It’s elegant design could only be achieved by a true master of weaving, as its beauty makes it difficult to turn one’s gaze away. The pattern features a field filled with a dynamic overall scrolling arabesque trellis over a whimsical allover motif of exotic birds and racemes, framed elegantly by a border composed of birds and vivacious floral sprays. The color palette of this antique Persian carpet is not without a meaning in this stunning composition. Balanced shades of blue and beige create a perfect combination, which if further enhanced by a hint of brown.

The size of this antique Tabriz rug, 10’2″ × 15’7″ (310 × 475 cm), makes it a great choice for more spacious interiors, especially those in need of classic elegance. Few other antique rug  could rival the beauty of this Tabriz carpet. Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of antique rugs is filled with unique pieces of art, so we would like to encourage you to browse through them and see the beauty of antique Persian carpets for yourself.


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Item No.: BB5552 Circa: 1910 Size: 10'2" × 15'7" (309 × 474 cm)
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