Antique Persian Meshad Carpet

Antique Persian Meshad Carpet BB4161

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An early 20th century Mashad Persian rug with an elegant diamond lozenge lattice design containing cusped medallions and fleurons in shades of beige, brown and blue within a sand cartouche and flowerhead border.

Meshad, is the administrative seat of the Khorassan province which is located in Iran’s east, bordering the Salt Desert to the west and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to the east. It was a major oasis along the famed Silk Road, which stretched some 4,000 miles from China and India all the way to the Mediterranean which in turn allowed European access to Chinese goods. Meshad is currently Iran’s second largest city with over three million residents. The broader region is home to many well-known antique carpet workshops in the towns of Amoghli, Khamenei, Makhmalbaf, Saber, and Zarbaf which produce antique Persian rugs that feature both symmetrical and asymmetrical knots. Antique persian rugs runner are ‘jufti’ knotted, a technique used in antique Khorassan carpets and antique Doroksh rugs as well.

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Item No.: BB4161 Circa: 1900 Size: 9'1" × 12'10" (276 × 391 cm)
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