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Oversized Antique Persian Meshad Rug

Oversized Antique Persian Meshad Rug BB1888

Price: $70,000

One of DLB’S finest early 20th century Persian Meshad (Meshed) antique rugs, the red field with a dense trellis overall of palmettes and flowering vinery within a light blue palmette and split-leaf tendril border.

As is typical of workshop rugs produced in larger towns, Meshad rugs can be larger and of a more consistent quality than Persian rugs produced in a smaller village and, of course, by nomadic tribesmen. This is a result of the sturdier looms typically used in larger towns and cities (they are ill-suited to village settings and not at all feasible for nomads. They are too large and require an anchored placement) and the better quality-control which weeds out deviations and irregularities that would pass muster in a smaller setting not up to the level of Meshad’s artisans. Reflecting their pride in workmanship, Meshad weavers frequently signed their work, adding interest and value to the precious nature of these antique oriental large area rugs for sale .

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