Vintage Swedish Rug

Vintage Swedish Rug BB4784 6'2" × 9'3" $18,000

Vintage Swedish rugs draw the eye not only thanks to their spectacular patterns, but also superior quality of their weave. Made with both practicality and beauty in mind, Swedish rugs can successfully fit into a large number of different styles, from modern to traditional. Unique weave of flat woven vintage rugs makes them a great choices for those who prefer low maintenance rugs or move often and hate transporting heavy rugs wherever they go. It is no wonder that so many collectors and interior designers are interested in owning one of those stunning Swedish rugs. Their mere presence can completely change an interior with little to no effort.

This stunning vintage Swedish rug was hand woven in the mid 20th century, circa 1940. What certainly draws the eye is its unusually decorative pattern, which makes it stand out amongst other Swedish rugs. Allover trellis pattern includes lozenges, which were undoubtedly inspired by traditional folk motifs, which can be found in Swedish craft.  The whole is framed by an elegant and very original rope design border. Color palette of this stunning vintage rug was composed of various shades of beige and brown, addorned with jewel tones such as red, green, blue and yellow.

The size of this Swedish rug, 6’2″ × 9’3″ (188 × 282 cm), makes it a great addition to any type of interior, from lounge to dining room. Every vintage Swedish rug in Doris Leslie Blau’s collection is unique, as we put a great deal of effort into making sure that our clientele gets only the highest quality and most beautiful antique rugs and vintage carpets.


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Price: $18,000

Item No.: BB4784 Circa: 1940 Size: 6'2" × 9'3" (187 × 281 cm)