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Antique Karabagh Rug BB7074 7'5" × 12'2" $12,000

Antique oriental rugs for sale and carpets are revered and coveted because they are social and cultural translators of bygone societies that refused to let their histories fade. This rug is from the Karabagh region of the Southern Caucasus. The cultural identifier of this antique rug is the giveaway double weft weave which is a cultural fingerprint utilized a lot in Caucasian rug patterns patterns. The medallion depicts symmetrical ‘S’ shaped mirror patterns of knotted branches. The medallion, field and tapestry whole of this Karabagh Rug showcases intricate, geometrically intertwined leaf, floral and petal patterns. No guard or main borders in this design. The end result is a brightly colored, all over arabesque motif against a black backdrop. The visually complicated, interlocked floral motif is an indicator that this carpet was woven for Western sensibilities.


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Price: $12,000

Item No.: BB7074 Size: 7'5" × 12'2" (226 × 370 cm)
Style: , Origin: Karabakh