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Antique Indian Carpet

Antique Indian Carpet BB5540

Price: $45,000

The history of antique Indian rugs is a fascinating one. The rug production in India dates from the Mughal period of the late 1520’s. Beginning with the conquest of Northern India by Babur, weaving workshops developed around the imperial cities of Agra, Fathpur and Lahore. Akbar the Great and his successors sponsored and encouraged the weaving of splendid Indian versions of classic Persian rugs. Even today antique Indian rugs are admired by people all over the world thanks to their timeless beauty and effortless elegance.  Few other pieces of decor are as sought after as antique  Indian rugs.

This Indian rug was hand woven in the early 20th century, circa 1920. What certainly draws attention to it is the pattern. An allover design of stepped palmette formed scalloped medallions, each containing palmettes and flowerheads within a narrow palmette border. Such an elegant design could only be created by a true master of the weaving craft. Color palette accompanying it consists mostly of earthy beiges, with small hints of delicate blue and green. As a result we receive a composition that is surprisingly modern, despite its age. A rug like this will feel right at home in any type of interior, from modern to traditional.

The size of this antique Indian rug, 9’10” × 16’5″ (300 × 500 cm), makes it a great choice for more spacious interiors, especially those in a dire need of some timeless elegance of the Orient.

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Item No.: BB5540 Circa: 1920 Size: 9'10" × 16'5" (299 × 500 cm)Categories: , ,