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Antique Indian Rug (size adjusted)

Antique Indian Rug (size adjusted) BB4596

Price: $80,000

Due to their luxurious patterns and superb quality  antique Indian rugs gained a considerable interest in recent years. As they are being re-discovered by the general public we start to learn more about their fascinating history. Antique Indian rugs are admired by people all over the world thanks to their timeless beauty and effortless elegance.  Few other pieces of decor are as sought after as antique  Indian rugs.

This splendid antique Indian rug was woven in the early 20th century, circa 1920. A perfect mix of traditional Oriental beauty and elegance of European rugs, it immediately draws attention. The pattern features a main  field with a decorative unidirectional overall design of lush trees and exotic birds and animals, framed by  a border adorned with feathery split leaves and angular tendrils. The color palette of this piece includes mainly a warm shades of sandy beige and brown, however small elements of lovely blue and green help to give this composition a more balanced look that will surely be appreciated by all antique rug aficionados.

The size of this Indian rug, 12’10” × 17’3″ (391 × 526 cm), makes it a great choice for larger interiors, such as living rooms or dining rooms. Any style can benefit immensely from the presence of Indian rugs. Their vivacious colors and elegant design can transform an interior beyond recognition in the matter of seconds!

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Item No.: BB4596 Circa: 1920 Size: 12'10" × 17'3" (391 × 525 cm)Categories: , ,