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Price: $20,000

Beautiful and permeated with history, this antique English rug is a rare treat for the connoisseurs of traditional art and craft. It belongs to the category of needlepoint rugs which means it was made by using a sewing needle and wool yarn to create stitches on an open grid cotton fabric called a “canvas”. This method of execution resulted in millions of individual stiches which gave a flat yet palpable texture. The best prove for the antique rug’s durability is the mere fact that it has survived until today in excellent condition. Moreover, if properly maintained, it will surely withstand years of usage showing no signs of wear.

Apart from the making technique followed by quality, this antique English needlework rug stands out thanks to its folkloristic charm, which is, however, kept in the most exquisite taste. Both its divided into sections field and borders carry a dense floral pattern rendered in muted shades of fuchsia, forest green, ivory, beige and violet against the pitch black background. Vibrant, rich and properly balanced, this unique antique English rug from the DLB collection is the perfect option for all seekers of never-fading elegance in utilitarian objects.

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Item No.: BB6645 Circa: 1880 Size: 10'0" × 12'9" (304 × 388 cm)
Style: Abstract, Floral Origin: English Rugs, European Rugs