Antique Indian Rug BB6435

Antique Indian Rug Description:

From the 1600’s to the early 1900’s, Indian craftspeople created a virtually unlimited number of unforgettable carpets and textiles. Whether they are woven, embroidered or printed, every antique rug originating from India will boast an original style and an elegant countenance that is worthy of the most respected shah or the most distinguished British ruler.

The antique north indian rug before your eyes is an intriguing example of the famed Indian craftsmanship. Its color palette is kept in dim tones of ebony prevailing in the background, with gold, black, rosewood, pastel pink, turquoise, and forest green forefront ornaments. The bottom part of the main field incorporates yet another hue – a blend of rusty, brick red and mahogany which also constitutes the setting and introduces a bit of a stir to the otherwise calm and venerated composition.

This magnificent carpet’s design builds upon stylized decorative medallions with the inner flower and foliage motifs that look like compact, thriving universes caught in ephemeral bubbles, interconnected by subtle meandering vinery and rosettes. The multiple borders adorned with flowering climbers and floral motifs enliven and complete this mesmerizing antique Indian rug. Its soft pile was masterfully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques, due to which the carpet has survived unblemished until this day and will surely serve its owners for generations, bringing in recherché charm and timeless elegance of Indian artistry.

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