19th Century English Botanic Needlework (Size Adjusted) BB6916 by DLB
19th Century English Botanic Needlework (Size Adjusted)
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19th Century English Botanic Needlework (Size Adjusted) BB6916 16'2" × 20'7" $28,000

Sophistication, quality and unique appeal of Arts&Crafts – this magnificent antique English carpet has it all. Meticulously hand-crafted in the elaborate needlepoint technique by a skilled artisan, this historic creation has survived over 100 years and still is as beautiful and up-to-date as in the day of its making.

The 19th-century rug boasts an architectural and botanical design that stands in the opposition to the industrial craze of its era. The main field carries floral and foliage medallions, surrounded by smaller intricate ornaments with Celtic undertones. The bold, highly decorative border, maintained in the spirit of the main design, encloses and complements the composition. Everything is rendered in a dim and classy color palette of dark brown and golden beige with invigorating accents of green, rose, red and pale pink.

In terms of execution, this antique English rug is in a class of its own. It was made of supreme materials by the hand of an apt craftsman who managed to capture irrepressible beauty in thousands of intricate stitches contributing to the magnificent body. Although pileless, the texture of the carpet is palpable and intriguing, giving it a distinct needlework character. Provided minimum care, the piece will be able to serve its owners for generations, bringing in its glory and glamor to a wide array of decors.


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Price: $28,000

Item No.: BB6916 Circa: 1880 Size: 16'2" × 20'7" (492 × 627 cm)
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