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Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet BB4617 8'10" × 11'2"

Marvel at this lustrous and beauteous example of the historically vaunted and coveted Tabriz Oriental rug. Antique tribal rugs like this Tabriz were a generational and caste-specific vocational concern of pride. The tapestry skill was passed down generations. It’s no wonder then that Tabriz rug patterns are cherished for their intricacy and complexity of design. This antique Persian carpet sports an open field and all over unified, central medallion design. Staggered, repeating and alternating arabesque floral patterns visually fill the field. The chroma scheme of this Persian Tabriz rug is an abrash light brown-gold earth tone with some darker toned leaf symbols. The guard border and outer border feature interlocking florid patterns. These borders are further buttressed by thinner, palmette symbols infused bookend borders. The main border of this Persian Tabri features interlocking floral stamp patterns.

Item No.: BB4617 Circa: 1920 Size: 8'10" × 11'2" (269 × 340 cm)
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Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet BB4617

Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet BB4617