This mesmerizing Persian rug was manufactured in Sultanabad, now known as Arak, which was established in 1808 to become the major weaving center in Iran. Its exceptional quality is visible at first glance, even by a layman. The firm pile was masterly hand-knotted of the first-rate wool in accordance with old and refined techniques. Due to such thorough execution the rug has survived until today without the slightest signs of blemish and will serve its lucky owners for long years to come. Its main field is covered with dense, floral pattern and six delicate medallions. On the main border there are consecutive flower heads, each encircled by a subtle stalk with leafs, whereas secondary borders bear geometric motifs such as diamonds symbolizing protection in oriental rug language. The toned color palette of light and dark browns, sandy beiges and rosewood perfectly matched the design and balances the whole composition. This harmonious rug may bring the warm, recherché vibe into your interior. All you have to do is let it in. 

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