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Antique Persian Meshad Rug

Antique Persian Meshad Rug BB6614

Price: $40,000

Meshad rugs, also known as Mashad rugs, stand amongst the most desirable of Persian rugs. The antique Persian Meshad rug before your eyes can be considered a paragon of its country’s outstanding craftsmanship. As befits antique rugs from Meshad, this magnificent specimen distinguishes itself with a truly considerable size, ready to complement ample spaces or become part of a wall-to-wall arrangement in middle-sized apartments. Its main field is adorned with an allover repetitive vase design which is a classic of Persian rug art. The series of consecutive borders, carrying graceful floral motifs like palmettes and flowering climbers, encloses and complements the design. The masterfully composed color palette of beige, camel, slate and teal will seamlessly enter any décor, from traditional to modern.

Although a century old, this antique Persian Meshad rug is in excellent condition with only small signs of abrasion that add even more character to it. This state can be attributed to the thorough hand-knotting of top-notch wool threads dyed with natural dyes. If properly maintained, this antique rug will serve its lucky owners for generations showing no signs of blemish and pleasing theirs eyes and hands with its mesmerizing design and soft yet firm pile.

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Item No.: BB6614 Circa: 1920 Size: 10'3" × 13'6" (312 × 411 cm)Categories: , , ,