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Antique Persian Meshad Rug BB6264 8'9" × 12'6" $35,000

Antique Persian Meshad Rug, an early 20th century Persian rug, Circa: 1920, Origin: Persia. Made in the heart of Iranian weaving art, the city of Meshad, this Oriental antique rug astonishes with its beauty. The pattern, depicting forestall landscape is full of stunning details, such as delicate flowers or shrubs in painting-like fashion. Pattern’s frame is ornamented with floral pattern, with graceful wines inwrought between petals of blossoms.

Not a smallest element is out of place in this perfectly planned composition. What makes this design unique is the lack of central medallion, so characteristic for sought-after Meshad carpets. It seems like instead of bringing attention to single point, carpet’s weaver wanted people to admire this masterpiece as whole and succeeded.

Rug’s color scheme is dominated by shades of warm brown and cool blues, which complement each other in harmonic manner. Undeniable elegance of this Persian carpet delights regardless of circumstance or time.


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Price: $35,000

Item No.: BB6264 Circa: 1920 Size: 8'9" × 12'6" (266 × 381 cm)
Style: Origin: Persia