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Antique Persian Meshad Carpet BB7484 9'10" × 12'4" $35,000

Antique rugs that were executed in the Meshad weaving center are considered the finest of the entire Khorassan province. They normally comprise a cotton foundation and an exceptionally tight, asymmetric knot, with knot density reaching 160 000-260 000 knots per square meter, which is a guarantee of everlasting quality. Mashad rugs are famous for their soft and luminous wool piles – many claim their quality to be second to none.

This Persian Meshad carpet has pale camel field which carries a spacious garden design of exotic birds and shrubs within a delicate floral spray border.

The rug was thoroughly hand-knotted of wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques by a skilled artisan which enabled it to survive until this day in excellent condition. A future owner may rest reassured that this piece of venerable Persian art will serve him for generations without a sign of wear. Thanks to this glorious antique rug, any interior, from classic to contemporary, will be filled with palatial atmosphere and recherché charm of the orient.


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Item No.: BB7484 Circa: 1920 Size: 9'10" × 12'4" (299 × 375 cm)
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