Antique Persian Hamadan Rug

Antique Persian Hamadan Rug Description:

This turn of the century antique Persian Hamadan rug features an intriguing all-over design of a lozenge lattice in blue, with flowerhead accents, against a field of abrashed rust. A blue border containing such Oriental rug staples as the boteh, which is a paisley shape typically representing a leaf or a pinecone, completes the look of the antique carpet. Produced in Hamadan, one of the oldest cities in Persia, this piece is part of one of the most diverse Oriental weaving centers. Hamadan typically produced fine, coarse carpets made with the symmetric Ghiordes knot, with prevailing angular designs characteristic of Caucasus textiles - although arabesques and curvilinear motifs of Central Persia also abound. Incorporating rich blue and dark scarlet hues contrasted by soft neutrals, these antique carpets remain a favorite with collectors and designers.

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