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19th Century French Floral Design Needlework Rug BB6947 9'4" × 13'8" $8,000

It is a common knowledge that no interior can feel truly complete without a nice carpet, however, picking the right one might be quite difficult. Antique rugs have numerous admirers due to their diverse designs and high quality of their weave. If you are looking for a bit of elegance in your life, Needlework carpets can be a perfect pick. Their designs can range from minimalist to rich, so any interior can benefit from their presence!

This stunning European rug is a dream come true of any interior designer. Hand woven circa 1890, this rug draws the attention thanks to its stunning all over design. The pattern depicts beautiful roses in full bloom, spread on a vast field. The color palette contains subdued shades of red and green, with just a tiny bit of black and white to balance everything out.

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Price: $8,000

Item No.: BB6947 Circa: 1890 Size: 9'4" × 13'8" (284 × 416 cm)
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