Vintage Russian Karabagh Runner (size adjusted) BB7454 by DLB
Vintage Russian Karabagh Runner (size adjusted)
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Vintage Russian Karabagh Runner (size adjusted) BB7454 6'5" × 15'8" $6,000

An Antique Russian Karabagh Wide Runner with a 1/2 drop pattern of alternating abstract floral shapes within a multi stepped border. Shades of cranberry, camel and ivory on an abrashed brown and black field. This Сaucasian carpet has been size adjusted.

Nowadays carpetsfrom Central Asia are gaining more and more attention. This is hardly surprising considering their impeccable quality and stunning patters, however, few can be considered equals with famed Karabagh rugs. Named after Karabagh region, located in Azerbaijan, those antique oriental rugs were added to UNESCO’s list of Representative Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage in a gesture of appreciation. Indeed, they are a vital part of Azerbaijani culture, just like Persian carpets are for Iran. The oldest Karabagh, which was made in the village of Banants, dates back to the early 13th century, the same period when Armenian world gorg, meaning “pile carpet”, originated.


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Price: $6,000

Item No.: BB7454 Circa: 1900 Size: 6'5" × 15'8" (195 × 477 cm)
Color: Brown Style: , Origin: Karabakh, Russia