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Antique English Needlepoint BB6938 6'2" × 8'10" $5,000

Needlepoint rugs are universally admired for their elegant patterns and high quality piles. Few contemporary carpets can look equally good in formal and casual settings, yet needlepoint rugs manage to pull it off with grace and style. Needlepoint rugs can be a great idea for those who cannot find a perfect piece of decor for their interiors, but also those who crave true originality.

This stunning antique rug is a dream come true of any interior designer. Woven circa 1900, the rug has a very stylish design, characteristic for European carpets. It depicts several rows of identical shapes, composed using abstract motifs. The color palette of the rug consists of shades of beige, red, blue and white, with bits of violet on the side. Rug’s size, 6’2″ × 8’10” (187 × 269 cm), makes it a great addition to most types of interiors.

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Price: $5,000

Item No.: BB6938 Circa: 1900 Size: 6'2" × 8'10" (187 × 269 cm)
Color: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow Style: Origin: England, Europe