Antique Indian Agra Rug (Size Adjusted) BB6807

Antique Indian Agra Rug (Size Adjusted) Description:

This circa-1880 antique Indian Agra rug features an elaborate all-over design of floral motifs in gray with sharp brown accents, within a stepped lozenge olive green field. A main border containing arabesques and abstractions in eye-catching splashes of yellow and lilac complete the look of the antique carpet. Agra rugs we have for sale are the most highly sought after of the 19th century antique Indian rugs today. These antique carpets were extremely well-made, heavy and durable, which can be attributed to the longer pile used in their weaving.

Indian Agra rugs are often considered the best of Indian rugs in the post-Mughal period and are highly collectible. Prisoners in the country's jails - including those of Lahore, Yeraoda and Montgomery, as well as Agra - wove some of the most extraordinary carpets. Designs for these antique rugs were often based upon classical Persian pieces from the sixteenth and seventeenth century.\n

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Item No. BB6807
Circa: 1880
Price: $ 70,000
Size: 12'10" × 13'5" (391 × 409 cm)
Color palette:
Antique Indian Agra Rug (Size Adjusted) BB6807