Antique Round Silk & Metal Turkish Rug

Antique Round Silk & Metal Turkish Rug BB6632

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A round antique Turkish rug using silk and metal thread, this striking carpet features a large central medallion surrounded by floral and geometric abstractions, as well as stylized animals and garden imagery in shades of yellow and red against a field of abrashed beige. An overall faded patina adds to the Oriental tradition of the antique carpets, with fringe completing its unique look. In the fifteenth century, inspired by the example set by the Timurid and Safavid Courts, Turkish artists introduced floral and Chinese motifs into their textiles. Turkish rug and carpet weavers traditionally used a smaller assortment of color than their Persian counterparts, achieving a remarkable range with only eight or nine colors. Primary colors tend to dominate, particularly blue and red, although a softer and lighter palette is often used on late nineteenth and early twentieth century beautiful rugs.

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Item No.: BB6632 Circa: 1880 Size: 4'8" × 5'0" (142 × 152 cm)
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