Among all antique rugs there are literary a few that match the incredible quality and splendor of the Persians. This truly magnificent Persian Tabriz rug is a masterpiece of the weaving art. There are numerous features to praise on but let us start with the execution. The soft and luminous pile is thoroughly hand-made of the finest wool in accordance with ancient weaving techniques which ensures its value and ever-lasting durability. Moreover, the intricate design required and exceptionally high knot density to reflect every single nuance enclosed within the borders of this exotic wonder. Its meticulous pattern is built upon the leading theme of the Tree of Life - the Oriental symbol of the direct path from Earth to Heaven. There are supporting motifs, running on all the borders, representing lotus flowers which stand for rebirth and immortality. This powerful message is highlighted by an extremely tasteful color palette. Deep wine shade which prevails in the background is an omen of luck, courage and wealth, whereas the profound navy blue is the allusion to the After Life. The whole composition is absolutely outstanding and requires the upmost attention. It is not merely a rug, it is a masterpiece of fine art which deserves to be approached with respect and admiration.

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Antique Persian Tabriz Park Silk Carpet.
Item No. BB6375
Circa: 1930

Price: $ 90,000
Size: 13'8" × 11'7" (417 × 353 cm)
Color palette:
Antique Persian Tabriz Park Silk Carpet. BB6375