Tabriz rugs are characterized by an immeasurable variety of patterns, many of which are considered iconic by design aficionados and rug experts alike. This antique Persian carpet comprises a frequently repeated Shah Abbas motif – an absolute classic among Oriental designs. It was developed during Shah Abbas I regency and besides Tabriz it is extremely common in Keshan, Isfahan, Meshad or Nain, not to mention the countries that copy Persian style, such as China, India or Pakistan. Shah Abbas is a central pattern in Oriental rugs that consists of arabesque, palmettes and lotus motifs in intricate and elegant shapes. Such elaborate design requires high knot density and an experienced weaver to be properly executed which is why the place of its making had to be Tabriz. The rugs from that Persian town have always been woven according to refined techniques, mastered by many generations of skilled artisans. Soft and luxurious pile of this particular piece was rendered in wool of the finest sort. The fact that the rug has survived unaffected by time and vicissitudes of life for almost a hundred years is the best indicator of its quality. Wonderfully composed color palette is comprised of toned, delicate shades of mauve, taupe, brown and gold which coexist in perfect harmony. This multi-bordered beauty will be a perfect addition not only to a classic interior, but also it may constitute a focal point of a modern, minimalistic abode. 

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