Antique Blue-White Indian Cotton Flat-Weave Carpet
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Antique Blue-White Indian Cotton Flat-Weave Carpet BB6528 8'4" × 13'9" $30,000

Charming, subtle and steeped in history, this antique Indian cotton flat-weave is in fact a ‘dhurrie’. Transcending social boundaries, Indian area rugs have been used by both commoners and royalty, appearing in many areas of daily life, depending on their size and pattern. Although the concept of a dhurrie is a bit different from that of a rug, they are counted among floor coverings since most frequently they serve the very same purpose.

The elegant piece before your eyes is a perfect example of why dhurries are so praised within Indian culture. Its firm body was masterly hand-crafted of the finest cotton in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Such thorough execution resulted in a creamy, compact texture that is impenetrable to Silverfish and other insects responsible for destroying carpets which makes the dhurrie durable and low-maintenance. It also explains how this antique area rug could survive until this day in perfect condition.

The blue-and-white coloring together with dense yet delicate geometric motifs and a lovely fringe at the shorter edges, form a composition that is not only traditional but also graceful and versatile. Due to its practicality and universal appeal, the Indian rug will easily fit into all kinds of contemporary abodes, filling them with timeless elegance and warmth of the recherché Indian craftsmanship.


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Price: $30,000

Item No.: BB6528 Circa: 1920 Size: 8'4" × 13'9" (254 × 419 cm)
Style: , , Origin: India Construction: Flat Weave