Vintage Art Deco Rug BB6280

Vintage Art Deco Rug Description:

A mid century vintage pile-woven Art Deco rug. The main feature and advantage of this carpet is an unusual mix of colors. Several shades of dark and ocean green with accents of black are joined together in an unconventional formula resembling camo. This uncompromising pattern spreads across the surface and meets the border of the flat-weave along the opposite long sides of this unique vintage rug. In turn, front and rear it is decorated with cream-colored sash of pile-knotted fibers. This type of finishing and a surprising combination of colors preserve this rug in an amazing atmosphere of the Art Deco style.
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Item No. BB6280
Circa: 1950
Size: 6'9" × 9'3" (206 × 282 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Art  Deco Rug  BB6280