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Antique Malayer Runner BB5266 3'3" × 15'10" $12,000

Authentic Persian rugs are famous not only because of their elegant designs, but also the astonishing quality of the weave. A single Persian rug can survive more than 50 years with relatively little wear, provided it’s being  cared for properly!  Most carpet-weaving villages located on terrain, which used to be a part of the famed Persian Empire, have their own original patterns and weaving techniques, developed through centuries of hard work and dedication. The town of Malayer is especially  famous for the beauty their antique rugs and runners. Many patterns featured on them cannot be found elsewhere!

This stunning Malayer runner was hand woven with great care in the early 20th century, circa 1920. Its unique design combined with elegant color palette certainly draws attention. Such a luxurious piece is bound to satisfy even the most demanding art collectors. In the central field we can see an all over pattern compromised of numerous small arrowhead-shaped elements. The whole is framed by an opulent frame with a balanced geometric design. Color palette accompanying this design is composed mostly of earthy shades of warm brown and beige with a hint of soothing gray.

The size of this luxurious Malayer runner, 3’3″ × 15’10” (99 × 483 cm), makes it a great choice for a house with a corridor that requires a bit of subtle elegance that only an antique Persian rug can assure.


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Item No.: BB5266 Circa: 1920 Size: 3'3" × 15'10" (99 × 482 cm)
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