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Antique Khorassan Rug

Antique Khorassan Rug BB5259


The name Khorassan is Persian and means “where the sun arrives from.” The name was given to the eastern province of Persia during the Sassanid Empire. The rich textile-weaving tradition of this region is apparent in this antique Khorassan rug, with its recurring floral motifs in gold within a guard and main border. Antique Khorassan rugs and carpets are made with a soft wool woven into thin, tight piles, making them durable despite their soft lustrous wool. Further distinguishing themselves, Khorassan carpets make use of an unusual artistic effect produced by uneven trimming of the pile, which makes the figures of the design stand out from the background. Whatever the design or color, antique Khorassan rugs and carpets maintain a high standard of drawing and weaving technique. This particular piece is a splendid example of a rich tradition.

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Item No.: BB5259 Circa: 1900 Size: 12'7" × 15'8" (383 × 477 cm)
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