Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5150

Vintage Moroccan Rug Description:

This vintage Moroccan rug depicts and showcases an all over, navy blue chromatic seascape for its minimalist saturation color scheme. This stark and lustrously weaved oriental carpet features very thin, length-wise black colored borders. The lateral length black side borders are almost imperceptible under the navy blue fabric tufts. There is always something more to visually savor with precious tapestry designs, if you look. There is no central medallion motif, typical field, corner brackets, guard borders or main borders. The rug showcases multiple, horizontal weaves layers of navy blue. The shaggy layers of pile weave almost stylistically simulate the blue ocean waves that contrast the desert vistas of Morocco. The color choice of ocean blue is calming and visually cool. The top and bottom borders of this style bold, minimalist rug features blunt, buzz shaven decorative fabric fringes.
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Item No. BB5150
Circa: 1940
Size: 5'9" × 9'2" (175 × 279 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5150