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Vintage Samarkand Rug BB7010

Price: $12,000

Samarkand rugs are the jewels of Middle Asian art. They continue to bewitch countless rug collectors all over the world with remarkable ease – few pieces of decor can change an interior so much with relatively little effort. Samarkand rugs have an unusual warmth to them that manages even the most barren looking rooms into cozy sanctuaries, while not losing anything of their exotic elegance.

This stunning Samarkand rug was woven in the mid 20th century, circa 1950. Made using only the highest quality materials, it certainly draws the eye with its beautiful design. The pattern of the rug depicts a rather complex looking composition of simplistic floral shapes, inspired by traditional Middle Asian crafts. The color palette of this antique rug is not without impact. Elegant mix of various shades of brown and beige is bound to warm up the decor of your interior. Rug’s size, 5’6″ × 11’4″ (167 × 345 cm), makes it a perfect addition for any household.

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Item No.: BB7010 Circa: 1950 Size: 5'6" × 11'4" (167 × 345 cm)
Color: Beige, Brown Style: Casual