Vintage Samarkand Rug BB6908

Vintage Samarkand Rug Description:

This Persian antique rug is a classic example of the Samarkand craft. Its slightly eclectic style combining influences from the Middle and Far East has a chance to introduce a breath of recherché charm to any modern interior. The main field features a central stylized medallion surrounded by botanical and geometric motifs, and is enclosed within a triple border with characteristic Samarkand ornaments permeated with Chinese aesthetics.

The warm camel-and-brown color palette will easily fit into any type of décor. This vintage Samarkand rug was thoroughly hand-knotted of top-notch wool which allowed it to survive until this day in perfect condition. If properly maintained, it will withstand years of usage without the slightest signs of wear.

The antique vintage rugs of the oasis towns of East Turkestan are incomparable. These exotic oriental carpets from Kashgar, Yarkand and Khotan in the Chinese occupied Autonomous Region of Sikiang are collectively known as Samarkands. Samarkand and Khotan Rugs typically, they are in a long and relatively narrow format with simplistic spacious designs rendered in a glossy wool, occasionally embellished with richly brocaded silk and metal-thread.

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