vintage Swedish Flat weave Rug

vintage Swedish Flat weave Rug Description:

Vintage Swedish Flat weave Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: 1950, a Vintage Swedish Flatwoven Rug. Uniform pattern decorates the entire surface of the carpet. Background color, as well as borders at opposite ends of the rug are off-white. The rest of the composition is created with geometric forms in darker and brighter orange color - depending on the density of a weave. Dots and Ovals are formed by alternating the yarn colors. The shapes are neatly arranged in rows creating a striped effect. Carpet pattern can be varied depending on a way one looks at it. Instead of ovals, one can see a pattern of bright hexagons with an orange dot in the middle - all of it on a light orange background. This kind of optical illusion can be a treat for anyone who appreciates uniqueness. The Swedish rug is an example of harmonious Scandinavian aesthetics. Any space in which it appears will be filled up with coziness.
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