This circa-1960 vintage Spanish Savonnerie rug features a large center medallion in mint green, surrounded by classic ornate imagery of cherubs, stylized roses and pastoral vignettes in shades including red, green, and pale gray. Gold accents predominate, with a dark brown background providing juxtaposition to the brightness of the central designs. The Spanish vintage carpet is based on traditional French Savonnerie designs, high quality pile rugs produced in the Manufacture Nationale de la Savonnerie - a carpet-weaving workshop established by Pierre Dupont in the 17th century. Woven on vertical looms with symmetric knots, the rugs were often produced by court artists for special commissions or for royal palaces and state gifts. In 1825, the workshops of Savonnerie were moved to Gobelins. Savonnerie designs often included military, heraldic, architectural or floral motifs.
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Oversized Vintage Spanish Savonnerie
Item No. BB6138
Circa: 1960

Price: $ 120,000
Size: 16'0" × 26'7" (488 × 810 cm)
Color palette:
Oversized Vintage Spanish Savonnerie BB6138