Vintage Scandinavian Rug by Sofia Widen BB6786

Vintage Scandinavian Rug by Sofia Widen Description:

Sofia Widen was one of the many dedicated women who not only helped to keep the art of weaving Scandinavian rugs alive, but also promoted it outside of Sweden. Nowadays vintage Swedish rugs are sought after by designers and collector alike due to their extraordinary beauty and fascinating cultural heritage. Although the designs of antique and vintage Scandinavian carpets were originally inspired by imported textiles, they gradually developed into an innately northern expression and became a symbol of ingenious Swedish design. Just take a good look at this unique Scandinavian vintage rug offered to you by the one and only Doris Leslie Blau.\n

This vintage rug is more than just a decoration. Handmade circa 1940 by Sofia Widen herself, the carpet is a true masterpiece of Scandinavian weaving. The pattern, inspired by traditional Swedish design, features a tile composition, which immediately draws the eye with its symmetry and attention to detail. It plays on with its overlapping diamond motif in order to create a modern geometric design with a casual folk art flair. Linear half diamonds create a border on the sides. Color palette of this vintage Swedish rug contains mainly cool shades of blue, which are balanced out by a mix of beige, light yellow and black.\n

The size of this vintage Swedish rug, 10'6" × 17'8" (320 × 538 cm), makes it a great and bold choice for larger ventures or offices, especially those that crave for a bit of traditional elegance, but do not want to lose any of their modern charm.

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