Vintage Swedish flat weave rug signed (JR)

Vintage Swedish flat weave rug signed (JR) BB6564

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This utterly lovely and balanced vintage carpet represents the fine northern craft in a nutshell. It encompasses the three crucial factors that helped to lay the foundation and build the world-wide popularity of Scandinavian design – it is simple, practical and beautiful. It was signed by its mysterious author with the initials: JR. Its design builds upon the wonders of the awe-inspiring Swedish nature and incorporates a simplistic representation of a wild forest.

The geometric trees surround the rectangular main field that is left completely plain and outlined solely by a single gray stripe. Another subtle adornment is the fringe at the shorter sides of the vintage Swedish rag rugs. Kept in a light gray shade with the invigorating addition of dusty green and blue, mustard, dark brown and beige, the color palette is versatile and utterly fashionable, ready to complement a wide variety of interior décors. Next to the charming appearance, the vintage Swedish flat-weave antique rug is distinguished by impeccable execution.

Thoroughly hand-woven of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques, the piece will most certainly serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear, just as it has until present day. It is an option for all connoisseurs of timeless elegance and outstanding quality.

Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Irma Kronlund The traditional Scandinavian area rug is the rya, made from hand-knotted wool.

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Item No.: BB6564 Circa: 1950 Size: 4'3" × 6'7" (129 × 200 cm)