Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Ingegerd Silow, Circa: 1950, Origin: Sweden. This woolen rug is signed by famous Swedish designer Ingegerd Silow, one of the leading and most important figures of mid-century Scandinavian design. Recognizable style of the author manifests itself in an elegant, harmonious form. The rug features an all-over design of geometric abstractions in varying hues of purple, white ,light blue and green against a dark blue field. Nine hourglass - like shapes are sorted alternately in three rows. White lines separate them vertically and extending the rug optically. The whole is enriched with eleven circular forms resembling dandelions with colored centers arranged in the shape of a vertical bow. Flat weave of the rug in colors reminding of sky and water is soothing to the senses, unobtrusive and at the same time it has the potential to enrich its surroundings. This is a dream proffer for your holiday home.
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Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Ingegerd Silow
Item No. BB6227
Circa: 1950

Price: $ 15,000
Size: 5'4" × 7'6" (163 × 229 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Ingegerd Silow BB6227