Vintage Swedish flat weave rug signed by Ingegerd Silow

Vintage Swedish flat weave rug signed by Ingegerd Silow BB6548

Price: $9,000

Ingegerd Silow was known all around the world for her great skill in weaving and love for Swedish carpets. Her hard work helped to make those unique pieces more popular and inspired numerous antique area rugs like this one. Woven circa 1955 it bears the unmistakable signature of Silow herself, as her silent sign of approval. What immediately draws the eye is its original pattern which has a very modern form for the time it was created. Three huge diamonds are the main focus of the design as smaller elements seem to gather around them. The color palette accents them nicely, using rather cold shades of teal, black and white with just a tiny bit of gray to anchor the whole. As a finishing touch, the vintage carpet was decorated with delicate fringe at its top and bottom part.

Vintage rugs – they are essential objects of desire of not only vintage trend followers but all aficionados of beauty and sublime design. There is a good reason for such vast recognition as vintage carpets constitute the core of taste and artistry of the 20th century progressive thought.

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Item No.: BB6548 Circa: 1955 Size: 4'5" × 7'2" (134 × 218 cm)