Swedish Flat Weave by Marianne Richter (fasad gron)

Swedish Flat Weave by Marianne Richter (fasad gron) BB6341

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Marianne Richter decided to title this vintage carpet “fasad gron” meaning “green facade”, which can’t even start to describe the richness of multiple shades that she incorporated into this design. Brought together all those different greens show off their true beauty and depth, which could never be seen if they were separated. From dark emerald to seafoam, this carpet has all of the most brilliant hues. Richter’s pattern doesn’t fall short, proving that the simplicity of traditional Swedish design never ceases to impress. Thick straight lines cut the carpet’s surface, creating a kind of frame around the center. Small squares on the rug’s top and bottom provide a finishing touch, crowning this extraordinary composition just like jewels. With its elegance and modernity, this Swedish carpet is a true marvel of the weaving craft.

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Item No.: BB6341 Circa: 1950 Size: 7'10" × 9'0" (239 × 274 cm)
Style: Geometric Origin: Europe, Scandinavia Construction: Flat Weave