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Vintage Moroccan Flat weave BB6223

Price: $25,000

Vintage Moroccan Flat Weave Rug, Origin: Morocco, Circa: 1950, a mid-20th century Vintage Moroccan Rug. Here we have a very subtle and genuine creation, a large size blanket-style Vintage Moroccan kilim rug, hand-woven by Berber women. These types of rugs were woven not for commercial or profit-making purposes, but only for home use.

Each antique carpet was usually hand woven by two women sitting side by side – thus the visible overlaps and jogs running through the middle of the piece. Colors and patterns were chosen and arranged intuitively on a daily basis, without overall specific templet – hence stripes that vary in width. This vintage round rug was made using flat weave technique with linear pattern of alternating stripes in burgundy red (dyed using plant pigments) and ivory (a natural wool color). Introduced to any interior as a floor decoration, a wall ornament or a blanket, this vintage Moroccan kilim adds warmth and elegance to any design. It becomes a perfect component for any style of home.

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Item No.: BB6223 Circa: 1950 Size: 11'7" × 19'2" (353 × 584 cm)
Style: Geometric, Moroccan Rugs Construction: Flat Weave