Vintage French Deco Rug (size adjusted)
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Vintage French Deco Rug (size adjusted) BB6032

Price: $25,000

Picturesque like a meadow in Provence, elegant like a Parisian salon – such exactly is this vintage French Deco vintage rug. Its design is tasteful and perfectly balanced as befits a true Art Deco creation but at the same time is sends an absolutely charming and heartwarming vibe. The spacious oatmeal field is covered with a pair of vertically arranged enlarged vines of lush flowers and several flower heads freely floating about in toned shades of brick red, orange and taupe.

This serene composition is gracefully finished with a single deep brown stripe running along all the edges of the European art deco rug. In terms of execution, the Deco carpet is absolutely impeccable. It was thoroughly hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan.

Thanks to such masterful making, the piece has lasted for almost a century without any sings of damage in color or structure and has a chance to serve its owners for long years to come. Both chic and qualitative, this antique carpet will be a perfect addition to both classic and contemporary interiors. It is an option for the connoisseurs of French chic and all lovers of timeless chic.

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Item No.: BB6032 Circa: 1920 Size: 8'9" × 12'0" (266 × 365 cm)
Style: Art Deco, Botanic, Casual Origin: French Rugs