Vintage Viennese Secessionist rug

Vintage Viennese Secessionist rug Description:

This circa-1930 vintage Viennese Secessionist rug features a central design of astractions and geometric shapes in muted orange against a field of light beige. A unique border of rectangular shapes and stars frames the vintage carpet. The Vienna Secession style was formed at the turn of the 20th century, when Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffmann and several of their peers separated from the predominant Association of Austrian Artists to form a new professional union. Intended to break free from classical traditions in fine art, the style eventually evolved to encompass applied arts and interior design as well, with the "Viennese Workshop" being founded to produce progressive furniture, ceramics, glass and textiles. This talented collective of Austrian artists, architects and designers most famously created works in the Jugendstil style - the German branch of Western Europe's popular Art Nouveau.
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