Marbadia Rug BB6902

Marbadia Rug Description:

Bezalel rugs are gems of the Israel, slowly discovered by the general public. This stunning rug immediately charms with the elegance of its design, which seems almost effortless. In the very center we can see a six-armed David's Star, an important religious symbol for the Jews. It is adorned with tiny flowers in full bloom and surrounded by a three circles. The frame sports a rather classic pattern of zigzagged line accompanied by blooming flower and two leaves. Color palette was composed mainly of various shades of blue with highlights of red, white, green, black and beige.

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Item No. BB6902
Circa: 1930
Price: $ 60,000
Size: 12'5" × 13'4" (378 × 406 cm)
Color palette:
Marbadia Rug BB6902