Vintage American Rag Rug

Vintage American Rag Rug Description:

This circa-1940 vintage American rag rug features an all-over design of densely spaced horizontal multicolored stripes that blend together to create thicker bands based on color, with blue and beige seeming to dominate. The visual static created by a myriad small stripes makes for a unique look in the vintage carpet. Rag rugs are folk craft rugs made from old clothing torn into strips. They can be created by braiding or weaving the strips to form oval, circular or rectangular shapes. The strips may also be tied in knots in 20th century rugs. Rag rugs were originally created out of necessity, with limited supplies and only the simplest tools used to braid and crochet useful floor coverings from scraps of discarded fabric. Because of their authenticity and beauty, vintage American rag rugs are keenly sought after.
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