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Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5487

Price: $4,000

Moroccan rugs have become globally famous in the mid-20th century when Modernists fell in love with their imaginativeness, simplicity and honesty. The outstanding example of Moroccan craft before your eyes fully showcases the effortless charm of these tribal creations as well as their timelessness – the vintage rug looks equally, if not more, fashionable as it did at the moment of its making.

The entire field of the vintage Moroccan rug is covered in a pattern formed of the most iconic tribal motifs known as Goz. In the orient, the shape of a diamond is considered a powerful protective symbol, warding off the Evil Eye. Here, this important message is served in a very playful and whimsical edition, as befits Moroccan artistry. The irregular diamonds are presented on a striped field. However, the most striking aspect of this traditional design is the color palette – the combination of dusty orange with purple and beige is joyful and invigorating, just ideal in the year of Maximalism!

The cherry on top is refined workmanship that the vintage rug may freely boast about. The piece was carefully hand-woven of the finest wool according to centuries-old techniques which ensured its durability and high quality. If properly maintained, the Moroccan rug will serve its owners for generation without any signs of wear.

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Item No.: BB5487 Circa: 1940 Size: 5'6" × 12'10" (167 × 391 cm)
Style: Casual, Geometric, Moroccan Rugs