A late 20th century vintage Moroccan rug. Vintage Moroccan rugs are famous for their uniqueness and this one is no exception. Hand-woven circa 1960, the short pile carpet has a nice softness to it, combined with flatly-woven elements. The first thing one will notice about this vintage rug, are diverse black motifs all over its eggshell-colored surface. Those characteristic symbols, probably woven by the indigenous Moroccan, tell us the hopes and dreams of a young girl, who either was about to get married or desired to do so. Depictions symbolizing fertility, love and marriage, like Bereket (hands on hips), and Bukagi (fetter) are mixed with evil-protecting Goz (eye), happiness-bringing Kus (bird), Kocboynuzu's masculinity (ram's horn), Hayat Agaci's (Tree of Life) promise of divine providence and most importantly Sandikli (chest) expressing eagerness to marry. This rug will pair perfectly with art-deco style and sleek furniture, which will emphasize its rough charm.
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Vintage Moroccan double side Rug
Item No. BB6202
Circa: 1960

Size: 5'8" × 8'5" (173 × 257 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Moroccan double side Rug BB6202