Vintage Chinese Rug

Vintage Chinese Rug BB6325

Price: $90,000

A magnificent example of Chinese weaving craft, this antique carpet is everything a connoisseur would wish for. Its fascinating pattern consists mainly of floral motives seen on its main part, as well as the frame. Green leaves and luscious flowers surrounded by vines are a great background for four wide peacock tails in the corners. The feathers were arranged into bouquets, which immediately catch the eye with their exotic beauty, unseen in other Chinese carpets. It bears resemblance to antique Oriental and vintage oriental rugs, especially Tabriz and Turkish ones. The carpets coloring is kept in neutral shades of brown and sage, which balance each other out. Such a calm palette is a perfect choice for an elaborate design, as it won’t feel overbearing. Hand-woven by a talented craftsman, this piece of art astonishes with its beauty and originality, unseen anywhere else.

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Item No.: BB6325 Circa: 1930 Size: 13'3" × 24'7" (405 × 749 cm)
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