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Vintage Scandinavian Rug BB6771 13'3" × 24'3" $120,000

A mid 20th century Scandinavian rug type crossword in a palette of beiges, brown and orange with strong art deco architectural motifs, industrial references, and abstracted symbolic figures. Composed by Carl Edvin Svensson in Art Deco style sometime around 1925-1930 for the City Theater in Malm? town(3rd largest city in Sweden-lies close to Copenhagen) For unknown reason the carpet was never used by the Theater and was instead sold to A Sk?ne County sugarmill company where it lay for many years in their boardroom.

Swedish Flat Weave antique rug by Irma Kronlund The traditional Scandinavian vintage carpet is the rya, made from hand-knotted wool. Dating from the fifteenth century, the first antique ryas were coarse, long-piled heavy coverlets used by fishermen instead of furs. By the eighteenth century ryas were generally part of a woman’s trousseau and proudly displayed as important status symbols within the home. By the nineteenth century, Swedish ryas were usurped by the arrival of quilted coverlets from continental Europe and from then on were woven as purely ornamental elements.


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Price: $120,000

Item No.: BB6771 Circa: 1940 Size: 13'3" × 24'3" (403 × 739 cm)
Style: , , , , Origin: Europe, Scandinavia