Vintage Samarkand Rug BB6420

Vintage Samarkand Rug Description:

This magnificent vintage rug shows the incredible diversity and supreme craftsmanship of the weaving masters from the faraway Samarkand. The oasis town is located at the former Silk Road that used to connect China and the Mediterranean, which, inter alia, had a great impact on the shape of floor coverings coming from there.

This enchanting Samarkand rug encompasses various artistic influences, including Turkish, Persian and Chinese. The main field consist of two octagonal medallions, known from Anatolian antique area rugs as “gul” and interpreted as elephant footprints, symbols of luck and prosperity, adorned with delicate floral motifs and flowering vines. Between them, there is a small rosette, while the four corners are embellished with spandrels, each supported by a medallion. The rest of the main field is filled with geometricized botanical motifs that might refer to the Persian tree of life – a metaphor of eternal life. The four spandrels, as well as one of the borders, bear a fret pattern – a motif originating from Greece yet widely applied in Asia Minor and Far East.

The series of borders encloses this miscellaneous design with ram horns, diagonal zigzags and tiny flower bouquets. The exceptionally noteworthy factor is the balanced yet invigorating color palette, based on a saturated carmine shade accompanied by light gray, yellow, caramel, beige and ivory. Not only the design but also the execution of this vintage Samarkand area rug is well worked-out.

Meticulously hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques, this piece of weaving art has survived until this day in perfect condition which is the best confirmation of its quality. If properly cared for, the vintage Samarkand rug will serve its owners for generations and enliven their house décor with a distinct oriental vibe.

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