Vintage Samarkand Rug BB6489

Vintage Samarkand Rug Description:

Samarkand, one of the oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia translated as “Stone Fort”, is home to magnificent antique rugs for sale that for years have been the apple of the eye of collectors and tastemakers around the world. This vintage Samarkand rug is a paragon of refined craftsmanship of the oasis town. Its main field is occupied by an extensive, intricate and meandering pomegranate pattern, which in the Oriental language of Vintage oriental rugs stands for fertility and prosperity.

This impressive and deeply significant design is enclosed within a series of geometric borders, in which some of the motifs also express the wish of luck. This vintage Samarkand area rug unfolds before us a warm palette of colors, consisting of subtle shades of camel, caramel, sandy, beige and ivory. Elegant yet unobtrusive, the carpet will be perfect to adorn a wide array of interior arrangements, from bohemian or farmhouse, through classic, to modern and minimalistic. Due to its masterful execution in centuries-old weaving techniques, the vintage rug will surely serve its owners for generations, bringing in recherché charm of the Orient without the slightest signs of blemish.

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