Vintage Swedish Flat weave Rug by Sodra Kalmar
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Vintage Swedish Flat weave Rug by Sodra Kalmar BB6591

Price: $20,000

Irrepressible beauty of Scandinavian rugs lies not only within their simplistic designs but also in impeccable workmanship achieved thanks to the high skill and diligence of their creators. This vintage Swedish flat-weave rug was made by Sodra Kalmar and the hand of the artist is visible in every inch of its qualitative body.

The vintage carpet encompasses all the best in Scandinavian weaving, while not being afraid to try out a more modern approach. The pattern immediately draws the eye with jagged lines running through the otherwise calm composition. Few flowers blooming on the striped face of the Swedish rug manage to soften the harshness of the lines between them. Everything is executed in a pastel palette of beige, dusty yellow and dusty blue with stronger touches of dark brown.

The gentle and timeless look is followed by masterful execution. Sodra Kalmar wove the flat weave by hand of supreme wool which ensured its longevity and flexibility. If properly cared for, this Swedish rug will serve its owners many years without any signs of wear, seamlessly complementing a wide array of décors, from classic to state-of-the-art.

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Item No.: BB6591 Circa: 1945 Size: 8'1" × 8'10" (246 × 269 cm)
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