Vintage Swedish flat weave rug signed by Ingegerd Silow

Vintage Swedish flat weave rug signed by Ingegerd Silow BB6579

Price: $4,000

Vintage Swedish rugs can come in various shades and sizes and so do their designs. Back in the day, many weavers had a surprisingly modern approach to carpet making, as seen in their works. This particular carpet immediately draws the eye with its distinctive design and original color palette. Woven circa 1960, it is everything a vintage rug aficionado could dream of.

Every single element is perfectly balanced, creating a harmonious composition. The pattern features beautiful flowers in full bloom, surrounding the central field which in comparison looks almost barren. However, a closer look reveals that this was an intentional doing which helped to anchor the whole design in once place. The color palette of this antique rug is not without meaning. Deep mustard yellow, contrasted with pastels was a bold, but rewarding move which resulted in a truly enchanting mix.

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Item No.: BB6579 Circa: 1960 Size: 5'6" × 7'8" (167 × 233 cm)
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